The art of my Rice cooker meals.

I cook a lot.

But I am very lazy.

So, I try to cook everything with a rice cooker.

We have two rice cookers home. One is for rice and the other is for the main dish.


The difference from a multi-cooker?

I used to have a Tefal multicooker. It was very functional and it can probably do everything that my rice cooker can do.

But I stop using it and sold it quickly.

Because there is one big flaw for me with it.  It has too many functions and I even cannot be bothered to think about which functions to use every time.

On the other hand, my rice cooker has only buttons for cook and warm. There is no choice to just press COOK.

With this, I cook all kinds of pasta, soups, stakes, stir-fry, and traditional Japanese foods like yakisoba and okonomiyaki, Curry, you name it.

I don’t need much oil at all and no mess for frypan or pots.  I even don’t use knives and chopping board.

I cut everything with scissors above the rice cooker.

If you are lazy but still want an easy, healthy and quick meal, you should ask me how to do rice cooker meals.