For someone who cannot sleep (My personal advice, not medical advice!)


I often see clients who ask me to help their sleep.

And, I notice that there is a big general misconception about sleep nowadays.


I believe that this should be one of the biggest reason why so many people become insomnia and cannot sleep very well even though they seem like trying different methods to sleep.


”How can I get a good sleep?”

Most of us tend to think that this is normal to say like this.


I believe this is already wrong.



“A good sleep will come to you. A good sleep is not something you will seek and get.”


For example, if you were banned to sleep at all for 48 or 72  hours by your controller in a situation, your brain and your body will desperately try to sleep consciously or unconsciously.  Sleep will come to you no matter you want it or not. It will definitely come to you, but not because you will seek and get it. It will just happen.

But ironically, if we believe that we must have a really good sleep every night, we tend to try and get a good sleep consciously. This actually can nervous ourselves and excite our nerves not to sleep well. And this will make us more nervous to excite us.

This is the most common trap of insomnia I believe.


And there is another important thing I have to note.

We never know how human beings had slept for a large part of our history. When human beings were hunters, they had lots of dangers from animals or natural disasters or our enemy tribes. Their world was not as safe as what we live in, I’m pretty sure. It is hard for me to believe that they could sleep at the same time. Human beings are still part of animals.


When we can have time and are tired enough to sleep in situations, we will sleep naturally.

When we cannot sleep because of the dangers and have really something important to do, we will not sleep.

And most importantly, when our body is really tired, we just go to sleep without our will. We cannot resist it. The sleep will just happen.

Actually, the fact is very simple.


But if we believe that we need to have a good sleep every day, that misconception will ironically deprive our sleep.

Because this concept is not probably natural and not the real fact, I believe.


To prove this, people who do have good sleep normally, they even don’t think about sleep much at all. They just go to bed at night without thinking much about sleep and read a book and do whatever they like, and sleep will come to you.


But once they get bad experiences of sleep, they might start conscious about how they will sleep and try to get good sleep, this would start the vicious cycle of chronic sleep problems.


So,  what’s the real solution?


Just give me a mail and come to see me!