Hand rolled sushi at home can be a better snack for kids.

Japanese people at home actually don’t cook sushi like a sushi bar. Sorry I disillusion you!

We only cook sushi like sushi rolls sometimes, called “TEMAKI” which literally means “Hand-rolled Sushi”.

But we probably do it more for parties or occasions when families or friends get together.


I pick up my son from school a lot and these days he is starving for anything after school every day. But I don’t want to give him too many snacks like chips or choco every day.

I had an idea yesterday.

I told him “Why don’t we make sushi ourselves?”

He liked the idea, yeah, very much.


We had a rice already in the rice cooker, we just needed to heat it up. I asked him to mix salts into the rice and stir it around. He loved it good.

And, we had some canned tuna, grilled salmon flake, and some flavored radish. He cannot really roll it but doesn’t matter. He loves the idea that he actually cooks at least something and it will enhance the taste much much more for him. and it has more nutrition than potato chips.

And you know what?

Maybe I should do this sometimes or very often for myself when starving for junk foods or something bad. I just need to cook some veggies or fish or anything to freeze them for inside options on weekends. And I can make some temaki sushi anytime I needed!


What it works for Kids can work for adults too!