I have an objection about namings!

People name things too easily.

And it possible can scare you and make it much more difficult what they really are.

This is true in medical terms as well.


I was reading about ”Atopic dermatitis” last night on Wikipedia.

Atopic dermatitis is a skin condition which we tend to call ”Atopy” in a simplified way.


When I go to Wikipedia about Atopy, I can see the original meaning of this name.

In old Greek, Atopic means ”Strange” or ”Unknown Causes”!


And, dermatitis basically means ”rash on skin”


So, literally, atopic dermatitis means just ”the skin rash which we don’t know why its there”


Actually, this kind of surprising naming is everywhere in formal medical terminology.

I found this as well last night.


Rheumatoid arthritis”Rheumatoid” sounds professional and academic.

But what it really means in old Greek is just ”problems of flow”  because it spread to other parts of joints.

And ”arthritis” means just inflammation of joints.

So, rheumatoid arthritis means inflammation of joints which happen on multiple joints.


How come do we have to use these old Greek or Latin words which just make us difficult to grasp the meaning?

Whats the point?


I’m sure you know that idea……….