I prefer mindless meditation to Mindfulness meditation

Now mindfulness is so popular.

It seems like even dogs and cats are about to meditate.

but, wait. this is no joke.


Your dog never sits and closes eyes to do mindfulness meditation.

Your lovely indoor plants do neither.

But they are just there as what they are.

They are already there doing ”being there at present”


More than 15 years ago, I went to a vipassana retreat which is the original shape of modern mindfulness.

I used to go to zen meditations in Japan too.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I learned anything there. Because

Once, you try to achieve something,

even try to calm your mind,

Try to be present,

Try to be mindfulness,

It’s already not that.

You lose to grasp that, once you try to grasp it.


Any mindset will fail.


The name ”MINDFULNESS” sounds like it will already lose the mindfulness once you aim it.

Therefore, I like ”mindless” meditation.

Which live like a dog, cat or just a plant………