So, What should we really Eat?

It is your total freedom for you to decide what to eat.

Some keep their perfect health by keeping eating junk foods.

Or some people have very particular strict diet and still not feeling better.


New research and new net news keep giving you the latest amazing diet to let you feel missed out if you don’t try them out!

The very difficult thing is there is no definite answer to it. Ultimately, we just can choose whatever foods we like depends on what we believe unless the foods are obviously unhealthy for everyone.

So, I tell you what I think,(personally, no offense).


Rather than new researches and new hypes, I tend to like our real fact based on something concrete.

Human beings are one species of animal. We have been evolving through generations to survive.

So, our bodies have been built depends on what we have been eating for centuries.

There is no argument we can make about this, I think.


I will really generally tell you about human teeth.


In human skeletal, there are 32 teeth in each of us.

There are 8 teeth for eating vegetables and fruits. 8 out of 32. SO, these are 25%.

There are 20 teeth for Grains. 20 out of 32. So, 62.5%

And the last, 4 teeth for eating meat. 4 out of 32. 12.5%


25% vegetables and  fruits

12.5% Meats

62.5% rice and bread ( carbo)


This is just what teeth we have from our ancestor.

I don’t really know what we should eat. But I can imagine how our body has been eating for ages.


If you compare which animal has what kind of teeth, you will see tooth tell what they actually eat.


So, rather than too many speculations, I would like to believe how our bodies have been built and evolved.

I believe this is much more logical than many other too much experimental diets (personally).