My very biased translation of Yin and Yang from my tired life

Basically, yin is negative and yang is positive.


We tend to avoid negatives and only try to have positives.

I hope it is going to work. But unfortunately, the reality is not that simple.

That’s why I am not a big fan of Cognitive behavior therapy(CBT)

It tends to suggest a positive thinking.


Negatives in the past can create positive in the future.

Too many positives can lead to sudden negative later.


Yin yang is ceaseless. It keeps moving. It keeps changing.


That’ why trying to control reality, it will fail.

But if we waited for the right timing and right way to ride on change, it will go smooth.


There is no negative or positive.


We can only jump into situations and jump into the things, and we will dissolve into never-ending moving water.


To me, this total gives up is the real action of yin-yang.

Once you have any mindset or will to control yin-yang,  you will always be drawn into the water, not be water itself.